Instructions for Use

IMPORTANT:  Please read all the Cautions and below Instructions before using your sauna unit.

Please keep the box and packing materials your unit arrived in until you have confirmed the proper functioning of your sauna unit. If there is a problem, you will need these things to return the unit. 

RISK OF FIRE: Be sure to keep any combustible materials away from the bulbs.

RISK OF BURN: Do not touch the bulbs while in use or immediately after.

Consult your healthcare provider prior to using this light unit.



Always consult a doctor or other health care provider who is familiar with sauna use before using this light unit or any sauna.  Saunas can be powerful, and it is best to be monitored by a health professional during use. 

In some situations, for some people, sauna therapy can be dangerous or even fatal, so be sure that you understand the proper use of saunas and that you have consulted a health professional as to any conditions you have in regards to doing sauna therapy.  Make sure you fully understand any risks in doing sauna therapy.

Risks may include, but aren’t limited to: hot flashes, dehydration, exacerbation of neurological symptoms, cardiac failure, stroke, fainting, headache, nausea, weakness, rashes, and even death.  One must take into account one’s existing health conditions, electrolyte levels, and hydration when considering sauna use.

This product is not registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Medical Device.  The manufacturers and affiliates, partners (the Company), etc. are not liable for the use of this product nor any incidental or consequential damages.  Under no circumstances shall the Company or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any persons or damage to any property.  Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition and is not a substitute for regular medical care from a licensed physician.

About Your Unit:

The wood sides, top and bottom of this box are pine.  The handle is made of unfinished oak.  The sockets are made of porcelain and are rated for use with 250-watt bulbs or below.  Do not use with higher wattage bulbs.

This unit is made in the United States.

Assembling and Preparing Your Sauna Unit for Use:

Take your sauna out of the box and place it on its back (screen facing up) on a stable surface.  Keep the box and packing materials your unit was sent to you in just in case you need to return the unit. 

With the unit lying on its back, slide the screen up and out of the way to access the bulbs. 

Cover your hands in clean socks or other clean cloth or tissue to unwrap the bulbs.  It is important you do not directly touch the bulbs, because any skin oils left on the bulbs can cause them to break when the bulbs are in use.  Gently screw the bulbs into the sauna unit sockets until they are secure in there.  Do not overtighten or you may accidentally break the bulb. 

Once all the bulbs are securely in their sockets, slide the screen back into place.

You may now carry the unit upright by the handle, but be gentle with it.  A strong jolt or bang may break the bulbs.

Before you turn on your sauna unit, always quickly visually inspect to make sure that the bulbs look secure and that there is no visible damage on the wires or unit itself.  Always have the screen in place during operation.  The unit should always be placed upright on a dry non-flammable surface, or hung on a secure hook, with the lights facing away from walls or other flammable materials. 

Once you have the sauna unit in a stable and safe position, simply plug it in and flip the white switch to turn on your unit. 

Do not leave the unit completely unattended while it is running; check on it frequently. 

When you are done using the unit, flip the white switch to turn your unit off.

Before you use your sauna for the first time, we recommend that you run it in a well-ventilated area for one hour to burn off any remnant dust or other residues on the screen or components.  Do not leave the unit completely unattended; check on it frequently during this hour.  If weather permits, during this preparatory stage it is ideal to run the unit outside somewhere where it won’t get wet or dirty.

Heat Lamp Bulbs:

This sauna unit comes with three 250-watt incandescent red heat lamp bulbs.  It is important that you do not touch these bulbs with your bare hands as the oils from your skin can transfer to the bulbs.  During use, these bulbs get very hot and the transferred oils heat up, which can cause the bulbs to break.  Always use a clean sock, shirt, or other soft material to handle the bulbs.

Do not over-tighten the bulbs, as you may accidentally break them.  Tighten them until they do not jiggle in the socket.

The sockets are rated for use with 250-watt bulbs or below.  Do not use with higher wattage bulbs.  We have included three bulbs for use.

If your unit has arrived with broken or malfunctioning bulbs, we will send replacements at no charge.  See your packing slip for contact information.  These bulbs are rated to last up to 2000 or more hours of use, although we do not guarantee this amount of time.  You may buy replacement bulbs at most hardware and farm supply stores.  We also carry replacement bulbs.

To insert or change bulbs, be sure the unit is unplugged first, then carefully slide the screen up and place it aside, and follow instructions as above for handling the bulbs.  These bulbs do not contain mercury so may be disposed of in any trash bin. 

Operating Your Sauna Unit:

Before any sauna use, contact a qualified health practitioner to ensure you do not have any conditions that would cause saunas to be dangerous to you.  Ask your health practitioner for instructions on proper sauna use for you, including how long to sit in the sauna, proper hydration, etc.

It is ideal to use these sauna units in a small enclosed space which will contain heat to raise the ambient temperature.  This aids in sweating.  Having a low ceiling height also helps to concentrate the heat around where you will be sitting.  Most people convert a small bathroom, closet or even a shower into a makeshift sauna. To do this, one can use adjustable tension shower curtain rods and blankets or cloth curtains to lower the height of the ceiling and reduce the size of the space to contain the heat. (See image for an example.) 

The interior of the sauna area should be just tall enough for you to get in and sit down (about 50 to 60 inches tall) and just wide enough for you to move around easily (about 36 inches wide or less) and about 50 inches long at most.  (These are approximate dimensions.)

Place the sauna unit so that the 3 lights are aimed at your torso.  Generally, you should be sitting about 18 to 24 inches away from the lights.  Do not sit too close, because this can cause your skin to over-heat.  If you feel any sense of burning on the skin, sit further away or rotate your body.  Any oils on the skin will cause that area of skin to heat up more, so avoid lotions and oils before going in the sauna.

The time tolerated in the sauna will vary person to person and may be influenced by existing health conditions.  Most people spend from 15 to 40 minutes in the sauna at one time.  Usually one would start with less time and work slowly up over days or weeks.  Care must be taken not to overheat.  If you feel faint or very weak, get out immediately, hydrate and rest lying down until it passes.  We recommend only using a sauna under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner.

We recommend resting after a sauna to allow the body to cool down.

The lights alone are not likely to heat a small space sufficiently to achieve a sauna experience.  Ideally, the temperature in your sauna area should be between 115 and 130 degrees. To achieve this temperature, we recommend using a small space heater and preheating the area with both the heater on and the sauna unit on. 

During use, to avoid damaging your eyes, avoid looking directly at the bulbs as much as possible.

You may plug the unit into any standard outlet or use any standard extension cord rated 13-amp or above. 

Cleaning Your Sauna Unit:

To clean your unit, make sure it is unplugged and use a clean dry cloth to wipe any debris off of the wood surfaces and bulbs.  If necessary, you may use a little apple cider vinegar diluted with water on a cloth to clean the wood surfaces.  Do not get the wood wet, though; just use a very slightly damp cloth with the vinegar and water mixture.

Though it should not be needed in most cases, to more thoroughly clean the bulbs, lightly dampen a soft cloth with distilled or filtered water only and gently wipe the bulbs until they are clean.  Let them air dry.  Do not use cleaning agents on the bulbs.

To clean the screen, dust it with a clean dry cloth or use a vacuum with a brush attachment.  For grease or other more stubborn dirt, remove the screen first and use a soapy sponge.  Run clean water through the screen (avoiding the edges) until the soap is gone then pat dry with a clean cloth.  Always be gentle with the screen so you do not damage it.

To clean the frame (edges) of the screen, use a dry or lightly dampened cloth to wipe off any debris.  We use wood around the edges of the screen to secure it to the frame; this is why we do not suggest getting the edges wet.  Doing so may warp the wood.