Returns, Repairs & Warranty Information


The Lifetime Warranty provided by our company (hereafter referred to as "Warranty") covers all faulty parts and/or functions of the original sauna unit but specifically excludes bulbs, power switches and screens. The natural wood components of the sauna unit and the metal used for the screen frame may have naturally occurring blemishes, minor imperfections, color variances, etc.  Such inherent irregularities are not considered defects in materials for the purpose of this Warranty as long as these irregularities do not interfere with the functionality of the sauna unit.

We warrant to the original purchaser that our sauna unit will be free from defects in materials and functionality occurring under normal use for the lifetime of use of our product.

The Warranty does not cover damage resulting from acts of God, abnormal use, mishandling, unauthorized repair, carelessness, normal wear‐and‐tear, natural disaster, or inadequate maintenance of this product. The bulbs, power switch and screen are not covered by Warranty.  If any of these break or stop working, they are easy for the purchaser to swap out and may be purchased on our website. 

Repairs Due to Defect – Within First 90 Days: For any Warranty-covered repairs needed within the first 90 days of ownership, or if the item arrives damaged, purchaser will not be responsible for any shipping charges which occur during the process of repairing or replacing the sauna unit.

Repairs Due to Defect – After 90 Days: For any Warranty-covered repairs needed after 90 days of ownership, we will repair or replace any defective part of the sauna unit, as per above, free of charge, as long as the purchaser notifies us and returns the item within 6 months of discovery of defect.  In this case, the purchaser is responsible for shipping charges both ways:  to us and back to purchaser.  We will work to arrange the lowest-cost shipping we can find.  At our discretion, we may ship out a replacement part instead of having purchaser return the item to us for repair.  In this situation, purchaser pays shipping costs of the replacement part.

Repairs Due to Damage – If damage not covered by the Warranty occurs, we may provide repair and/or replacement services for a fee on a case‐by‐case basis.  In this case, the purchaser would be responsible for all shipping charges. 

IMPORTANT:  When returning the sauna unit under this Warranty, please be sure to package it carefully and DO NOT INCLUDE THE BULBS.  We are not responsible for damage due to poorly packed items.  We are also not responsible for lost or damaged packages.



Returns not related to defects are accepted on all merchandise in original and “like new condition” within 30 days of purchase. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping and all original shipping charges. (While shipping is included in the sale price, each unit has a variable shipping cost based on location.  We will look up the exact shipping charges we paid to send the sauna to you -- that portion is non-refundable.  It is usually $25 to $50.) 

Before returning a product, please contact us using the below contact form to arrange for refund, repair or replacement.  You may also reference your packing slip for contact information.  All returned items must be in their original shipping carton, and must include all packing material and all parts. Products must be undamaged, unmarred, and unstained.  DO NOT RETURN THE BULBS: KEEP THEM.  Goods will be inspected upon return.  Identified damages due to user abuse or neglect may result in proportional reduction of refund amount.  Please take care to re-package items exactly as received in order to avoid damage during return shipping.  Damage due to poorly packed items will be deducted from refund.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

DISCLAIMER: Our company is not responsible for any injury caused by improper use of this product. Consult a licensed health care provider regarding proper use of this product. Additionally, fully read our Instructions and Cautions manual and information on our website before use.